Hail Storm Roof Repair Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland based McHenry Roofing is celebrating another 5-Star review for their roofing services in Federal Hill. McHenry Roofing have established themselves as one of the most reliable roofing companies in Baltimore, providing a range of roofing installation and maintenance services.

In the review, which can be found at https://mchenryroofing.business.site/posts/9070135176648464738, Lloyd Diana writes, “I had my roof done nearly a year ago by McHenry Roofing after the hail storm. They were very helpful and worked with my insurance company to make sure I got everything I needed for the repairs. The customer service was excellent. They walked me through each step of the process, helped pick out materials that would keep my claims costs low but still ensure the roof was properly fixed. The work went off without a hitch, and I've had no issues since they finished it almost a year ago!”

Joseph Conley of McHenry Roofing says, “McHenry Roofing was founded with the goal of helping our community through any roofing issue they may face. In cases of the terrible storm like the one we had last year, we try to be as efficient as possible when these storms come through because time is of the essence whenever we are working through a home insurance claim. It feels good knowing that we are able to put our expertise to work and get insurance companies to cover most of the work in cases such as this, and seeing our clients appreciate the hard work that we do for them is truly a win for everyone at McHenry Roofing.”

McHenry Roofing has earned a reputation for being one of Maryland’s leading roofing contractors. The company is located in Baltimore's Federal Hill neighborhood and works on the roofs of customers in both Baltimore and the surrounding Maryland region. When it comes to selecting a roofing professional, the company recommends that property owners always go with a licensed and certified contractor. McHenry Roofing’s customers know the company to be a knowledgeable roofing expert that is always ready to help them keep their home protected from the elements in all seasons.

The company is a full-service roofer that works on both residential and commercial buildings. From small roof repairs to major roof replacements, as well as waterproofing, gutters and other services. McHenry Roofing takes pride in being the preferred asphalt shingle roof repair and installation business for residents of Maryland who want high-quality roofing services at a reasonable rate. The company recognizes that not all roofs are made equal, and the roofing contractors that install them are no exception. McHenry Roofing is a member of several roof, company and trade organizations. They are fully licensed, insured and bonded for their customers’ protection.

The company’s claims are backed up by their stellar rating of 5/5 stars on the Google platform (among others). Patrick Williams says in their review, “After a hail storm, I was very busy with work and wasn't able to take the time to secure a contractor for my roof. McHenry Roofing was referred to me by a coworker who had used them in the past. The team came out immediately and completed temporary work on my roof before it began leaking during a rainstorm. They guaranteed me that they would find the root cause of the problem and fix it for good so I didn't need to worry about future leaks. They were honest about what was needed, explained everything in detail, and got the work done quickly. The price was very reasonable, and my roof has not leaked since.”

Conley says, “As one of Baltimore’s top-performing, most trusted and experienced roofing companies, we want you to know that we are dedicated to providing the quality service you deserve along with the kind of roofing craftsmanship you can depend on. What sets us apart from the competition is that our customers have been our greatest advocates, recommending us to family, friends and friends of friends. Whether you are a first time customer or an old time friend, we work to provide quality roofing services that are beyond expectations. McHenry Roofing has had over 3,000 satisfied customers since 2007, and we believe that it will be no different continuing forward.”

Those who are interested in learning more about McHenry Roofing and the range of services they provide should visit the company’s website. Interested parties are also encouraged to get in touch with the company via the contact portal on their website. Alternatively, they can contact Joseph Conley directly via email or phone. Social media users can find McHenry Roofing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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